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Sep 20, 2022

How to Land Compelling Guests for Your Show with Reena Friedman Watts

How do you find hard to find guests and book them? When should you think twice about sharing a great story? How did they get those Jerry Springer guests?

 Reena Friedman Watts worked on controversial and exciting TV shows, including Jerry Springer and Court TV.  She has great insights into booking guests. She is the host of the Better Call Daddy podcast, and her company is Megawatt Productions.

When looking for guests, Reena advises starting conversations around what you're interested in. This way, the right people will gravitate towards you. 

  1. How to find and land celebrity and non-celebrity guests for your show.
  2. How to effectively use social media platforms to connect with guests.
  3. How to make decisions about what stories to pursue and how to handle sensitive information.


Reena's Podcast

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Hosted and produced by Marion Abrams

Thank you to Stephanie Fuccio for editing on this episode